Terms and Conditions

The Virtual University of Medical Sciences has been established as a leading university in education, research, production and promotion of science in the field of e-learning. One of the Virtual University of Medical Sciences (VUMS ) goals is scientific and technical cooperation with other universities in addition to providing them with software and hardware infrastructure for e-learning. One of the most significant achievements of this university is designing and preparing NAVID Learning Management System. This software was launched in September 2018 after undergoing multiple trail versions. NAVID is provided to Medical Universities free of charges, based on the approval of the Board of Trustees of the Virtual University of Medical Sciences.

  • All Iranian Medical Universities are allowed to use NAVID for their educational programs including formal, informal, workshops and continuous learning including free and paid programs, unlimitedly on NAVID and without coordination with the Virtual University of Medical Sciences.
  • Maintaining the Copyrights of the contents provided on NAVID is the responsibility of the operating instructors and the Virtual University of Medical Sciences has no responsibility in this regard.
  • For using NAVID’s name and logo in all news, reports and producing scientific products copyrights must be preserved and mentioning the title (Virtual University of Medical Sciences) in them is mandatory.
  • Conducting scientific researches based on NAVID’S data on operating Medical University, by mentioning VUMS name, is unrestricted. It is recommended to carry out these researches with the permission of operating university Virtual Education Center (VEC).
  • Any kind of evaluation and survey research on NAVID outside the operating university or in multi-center research, whether quantitative or qualitative, is possible only with the written permission of the Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure of the Virtual University of Medical Sciences. In the case of violation, the Virtual University of Medical Sciences reserves the right to remove or cancel the publication of scientific products.
  • Virtual University of Medical Sciences attempts to preserve and protect the Medical Universities data within NAVID by allocating advanced and up-to-date software, hardware and infrastructure. Meanwhile due to the simultaneous progress of hackers and the methods of cybersecurity attacks, VUMS is not responsible (material or intellectual) in case of any unintended problems. The VUMS is obliged to provide the relevant explanations in written to the operating university in case of incidents that lead to disruption of the university data.
  • Each operating university is obliged to introduce an authorized admin to the Virtual University of Medical Sciences, and NAVID support system is only responding to the official admin.
  • Virtual University of Medical Sciences, as an independent university and based on the approvals of its board of trustees, provides the core and routine plugins (modules) of LMS for Iranian Medical Universities, free of charges. Although VUMS reserve the right to charge universities who asks for any specific modules.

These terms and conditions were approved at the meeting of the Higher Education Council of Virtual Education on May 10, 2020.