Go to navid.vums.ac.ir (or) your university address , for the first time, use SAMA tab, your account will be created, then for logging into your account, you can use NAVID tab. Please note that the NAVID Project Team is currently working on integrating NAVID with additional learning technology tools, so some tools are still in the process of being added to NAVID.

For new courses: All course sections in the each University course calendar will be automatically created in NAVID approximately one weeks after the course calendar is published. If your course has been added to the University calendar but does not appear in NAVID, please contact NAVID'S admin in your own University.
Accessing previous courses: At the end of each term, NAVID automatically converts courses to a read-only archival state.

We recommend using the most recent version of Firefox or Chrome when accessing NAVID. If you prefer to use another browser, you may encounter problem browsing pages.

If you are having problems with your registration in NAVID, appropriate support contacts are found in your university website.

A number of factors contribute to your overall experience when using NAVID. Some of these include your shared usage or the bandwidth of your internet connection, how many applications you have opened, your internet browser, and the speed of your computer. If NAVID seems slow, please try the following: close other applications and browser tabs and then restart your computer.

There are a few possible reasons why your courses may not be showing up in NAVID: Courses are made available in NAVID only after they have been published by the course instructor. Your instructor may choose to publish your course at the first day of class and not before that time, otherwise you should connect your University admin.