What is NAVID?

NAVID project was a major milestone for VUMS as a responsible body to create national Learning Management System, a project initiated in 2016 when the new reformation package by ministry of Health and Medical Education was announced. During the project’s consultation phase, team of experts was engaged with their peers to determine the pedagogical and functional requirements for supporting teaching and learning. Design, development and implementation of key features of NAVID was the 2nd phase of project. During 2017 fall semester NAVID was evaluated by faculty, staff, and students through pilot courses in Alborz University of Medical Sciences as a partner University with VUMS. Since 2018 spring semester NAVID (version Beta) has been used by 20 other Medical Universities all around country. In NAVID , instructors can share materials (text or multimedia), enable student collaboration and discussion, manage assignments and quizzes, and assign grades. New feature will be add to NAVID according to project timetable.

Which browsers are compatible with NAVID?

We recommend using the most recent version of Firefox or Chrome when accessing NAVID. If you prefer to use another browser, you may encounter problem browsing pages. HTML5 multimedia are mobile –friendly. To watch these contents via mobile phones it is recommended to use google chrome. To see SWF multimedia e-contents, you should use Firefox. Please note that all SWF e- contents are not compatible with MAC operating systems.



NAVID resources and support are available to help the University community navigate the transition from old LMS and get the most out of NAVID. Users can call their own university admin number which is on the list. And their problems will be transferred to NAVID team as soon as possible.

NAVID development

Please note that the NAVID Project Team is currently working on integrating NAVID with additional learning technology tools, so some tools (gamification, calendar, infographics) are still in the process of being added to NAVID.

Partner universities

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